the story so far...

I’ve been drawing and painting since I was a kid, and I’ve always been fascinated by typography. During my high school years I was obsessively interested in graffiti. Although I always found sketching more satisfying than spraying, i loved the idea of using letters and images to create something that could be seen and enjoyed by everyone.

After high school, I did an apprenticeship as a graphic design assistant and got my high school diploma in design. For 10 years I worked at the OffenSiWe (Offene Siebdruckwerkstatt Leipzig), where I learned pretty much there is to know about screen printing. This workshop was a self-organized place for everyone who just wanted to try out screen printing, wanted to print something for their business, or wanted to do larger runs for organizations or campaigns.

In 2014, I started creating my own gig posters. I loved the process of taking a band’s music and translating it into a visual image. I participated in the Flatstock poster conventions in Hamburg (Reeperbahn Festival) and Barcelona (Primavera Sound).

Since 2019 I have been using my own workshop, which I built from scratch.

In 2020, we founded the Busy Hands e.V. association and I helped organize the Busy Hands Festival. The festival is a celebration of gig posters, music related artworks in general, with workshops and live music.

What I do
I am a illustrator, screen printer and graphic designer. I create gig posters, sound carrier artworks, flyers, shirts, and more.

What I’m passionate about
I am passionate about screen printing, typography, and graphic design. I love the process of creating art that is both beautiful and functional. I am also passionate about supporting the arts community and helping others to learn about screen printing.

What’s next
I am excited to continue creating art and sharing it with the world. I am also looking forward to teaching more screen printing workshops and helping to grow the Busy Hands Festival.

Wanna know more?
If you want to learn more about me or my work, please check out my website or contact me.